Blog time!

Here is where the blog will go from now on!

The first few blog posts are going to be some of the blog posts I decided to bring over from my blog (ended up ditching it after they started using ai images for their articles :/) so if the dates seem kind of wonky on those, that's why!

Other than that, most of what I write about things I find interesting (like books or manga I've read, anime I've watched, or video games I've been playing) and want to get some thoughts out on paper about them, so to speak. Occasionally I might drop a general post about what I've been up to or thoughts on some personal projects. I might get back into doing some art wip updates through here too, we'll see!

ALSO.... the main blog posts have a slightly different layout than the rest of the blog. I would say it's for aesthetics or something, but the reality is that I just don't know how to fix it. As far as I can tell it still works on mobile so... yay???

This blog is run on Zonelets with a tagging option done by 3legged! Check it out! It's pretty neat!